Arbitron, a world leader in radio ratings came to CANDA looking for solutions to establish IT governance, open source adoption, development process and procedures, capacity planning, code standards and change control policies. We reengineered and developed various projects:

  • We were instrumental in the initiation, planning and ongoing management of projects to replace critical legacy systems consisting of 42 different languages and technologies. Identification of the critical path through the legacy systems that include server-based systems and desktop-based software, and the workflow associated with these activities.
  • We supported the Portal People Meter project, which is Java/J2EE based application, which increased performance and throughput by 250% and stabilized the operational aspects of the application that enabled the further commercialization of the service.
  • We developed an Oracle Data Warehouse star schema for new, web-based product providing robust, next generation, replacement of core enterprise reporting functionality to the Radio Market business. We designed an Oracle data warehouse star schema, developed the automation for all scripts for data extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) data from star schema to MySQL 4.1. and enforced data validation at the ETL time, providing data quality guidelines and standards. We designed de-normalized for performance schema in MySQL, plus data compression, indexing, queries optimization.
  • CANDA implemented a multimedia collection and processing system that processes up to 40 Million records a day, collecting information from multiple distribution networks.
  • We also developed a Client Information System Application for consolidation of all client information from seven different data sources in the centralized Oracle repository, with J2EE application deployed to WebLogic Server and implementation using MVC pattern.
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