National Aeronautics and Space Administration


CANDA Solutions led the technical transition as well as implementation of the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Engineering Support Contract (ESC) for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). We helped to build a suite of program management, engineering and work control software services for the execution of the QKESS program.

QKESS is information hub and collaboration portal, which forms the program Management Information System (MIS) backbone and is the branding term for the consolidated set of the MIS requirements. It also provides a means of data transport for users assigned to KSC directorate and its’ partners on the ESC contract.

QKESS encompasses a variety of programmatic and administrative applications. Each ESC team member uses this integrated administrative information system. Applications within QKESS support numerous functional areas, including content management and collaboration, work control, asset management, ESC Service Desk, schedule management and Earned Value Management (EVM), risk register and risk management services, task order life cycle management services, hireling life cycle services, decision support, and our prime contractor (team QinetiQ North America) business and financial services.

QKESS provided the ESC program with the tools to improve business processes which increased efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, and cost-savings for the Government.

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