Due to the immediate benefits of lower cost, variable capacity, risk mitigation, process reengineering, and the opportunity to focus on core capabilities, outsourcing IT and IT-enabled business processes is a popular choice for most businesses.

To avoid challenges and ensure client delight, CANDA Solutions addresses potential issues upfront by preparing and executing a transition plan, an SLA, and providing an outsourcing contract.  We know that management demands clear expectations and we work to ensure all details have been addressed and timelines secured.

Different from most outsourcing companies because of our top-notch IT talent pools in all of Eastern Europe, these are just some of the significant benefits CANDA outsourcing provides:

  • Smaller teams of actual experts
  • Creative, direct, narrow, intense focus
  • Lowered maintenance costs due to the differences in travel, time zones and management between the USA and India or China vs. Europe

We set the standards for outsourcing providing clients the full spectrum of software development services on a project based model so client goals are met quickly and efficiently.

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