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We are committed to providing customers with world-class, cost-effective IT solutions. Often these solutions require the delivery of new or emerging technologies, techniques, or business practices that are necessary to support a customer’s unique requirements or specific mission. We routinely team with both large and small business partners to ensure our ability to craft, propose, and most importantly, successfully implement solutions that incorporate leading edge technologies and best practices on time and on budget.

We bring a breath of fresh air to the delivery process. Our ‘know-how’ is really the result of our hands on experience.  Due to the limitations that today’s economy demands, there are few people who have been responsible for a full-scale plan, start to finish, end-to-end.

Many manage a small aspect, a small part or an application or implementation, and some might even support various aspects of maintenance. But few, if any, have managed the demands of a full-scale program. The entire CANDA team has first hand, front-line experience doing just that, providing full support for a variety of full lifecycle implementations of enterprise-wide commercial and federal program.

We seamlessly deliver an effective, nimble, Agile methodology that manages all aspects of full-scale projects, including training and operational efforts.  Using iterative and incremental practices that produce empirical results, we can demonstrate results daily/weekly/constantly to incorporate client feedback.

No matter the project, the scope, the timeline, or the intricacies of delivery, we get it.  How to build consensus among diverse stakeholders, how to create a common set of requirements, how to combine user interfaces with actors, actions, data and entities, all to create something that is truly working and supporting organization or project mission.  It’s our passion and it drives our success.

We offer the critical hands-on experience that is required to identify, mitigate, or avoid the issues involved with the development, rollout, transition, deployment, operations, and maintenance for various management systems.  Proud of our ability to provide instant results to bridge clients to success, we are committed to excellence, velocity and efficiency.

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