Agile Delivery

A fresh take on Agile, we FARM all that we do. Each project goes through the same process – we employ a Fresh approach to updated data, all projects are Aligned to business drivers with a Results Driven focus, and Managed Approach – our FARM process ensures accuracy, speed, and adherence to client requirements. Everything we do centers around our guiding principle – helping our customers achieve success and improve worker productivity.

This proprietary process, FARM, is the result of the combined experience from our team of seasoned IT professionals, whom have been intricately engaged with all aspects of development, case management, and client requirements.

We understand the value of the Agile Methodologies, which optimize the development environment, reduce organizational overhead, and closely synchronize market requirements with iterative prototypes. Agile Process causes functionality and value to be produced incrementally so value can be realized early and built upon, and business strategy prioritizes the sequence of functionality delivery so that the return on investment is maximized. CANDA Solutions offers mentoring in a variety of areas.
  • Object Orient Analysis and Design
  • Applying Design Patterns to real world issues
  • XP Programming
  • Test Driven Development
  • Scrum and other agile methodologies
  • Organization Change when applying agile methods
  • The synergy between Agile methods and CMMI/ISO-9000 practices