Database Architecture and Management

Database Design and Administration

Technology research firm Gartner predicts business intelligence and data analytics will need to continue to scale to meet the “robust growth” in data sources. At CANDA, we get it – vendors that touch big data will need to provide more, do more, and find more, from multiple information resources.  Gartner also predicts that in the next two years, 30% of projects will deliver insights using both structured and unstructured data.

Our years of broad expertise working with various industries, markets, and data sources, help clients manage the volume and intricacies of data analytics and management .  Our expertise includes vast experience in developing database standards and naming conventions, operating procedures and backup strategy, performance optimization, logical and physical database design with world leading databases such as Oracle, mySQL and SQL Server.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

The definition of a data warehouse has evolved throughout the years, but at its core, a data warehouse represents a consolidated view of an entity’s data – an integration point for all sources into one vision of the organization. The goal of a data warehouse is to turn data into something meaningful through integration, cleansing, standardizing, and improving the data from its original source. This allows companies and organizations to make better decisions about their direction and status of their business.

CANDA Solutions has years of hands-on experience developing data warehousing solutions, ETL strategy, performance optimization and partitioning.  With a focus to always improve our clients business insights and ultimately business decisions, our strategic implementation is crafted from an architecture, planning, budgeting, and/or visionary perspective.