Enterprise Industrial / Personnel Security

The CANDA team has decades of experience working with a multitude of enterprise solutions related to the Industrial / Personnel  Security and Risk / Threat assessment.

Fresh Haystack, a division of CANDA, is a seamless and modular case management solution that was born out of years of experience in working with the solutions that were expensive, difficult to navigate, costly, and slow to implement. With a dedication to ‘getting things done,’ we knew there had to be a better way.

Fresh Haystack helps to bring competing priorities and chaotic processes to order and alignment. We empower the customer, drop cycle time, cut costs, increase quality, and deliver better overall IT products. The result? Our work turns the course of challenges and embraces all priorities to increase productivity at least by 60% in the first year alone while adapting to always changing requirements and policies.

Fresh Haystack was developed specifically for Security Clearance domain with the focus on bringing precision, accuracy, and acceleration to the paper-bound processes of Collateral, SCI and Public Trust Security. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the Industrial / Personnel Security software and automate the full lifecycle of security clearance processing.