CANDA Solutions was launched in response to a common need – progressive technology solutions and experienced support that could cut through the clutter and provide secure and flexible results.

Our decision to develop a unique approach to make sure your technological projects are a success came from over 50 combined years of experience with computer-based business applications, data warehouse and database development, a multitude of experience with various operational systems, tools and hardware platforms. We continue to help companies exceed expectations while providing innovative and secure solutions, it’s our driving goal.

In addition to our services division, we discovered the need for a simple answer to a complex problem.  After managing the successful implementation of large enterprise programs that cost millions of dollars, we noticed a common theme – most of our time and efforts were spent in removing 90% of what was provided – but not needed.  Researching these common challenges we realized clients were seeking simple answers that large systems were unable to provide: improved worker productivity, simplified technical implementation, confined expenditures, and a consistent and ‘modular’ approach to Agile.

Thus, we decided to create our own process, the CANDA FARM PROCESS. This ensures projects are on time, on budget and structured for success.  We went even further by creating a case management product Fresh Haystack.

As we continue to grow and embrace new technologies while supporting our client base, we remain committed to your success and our mission: Empowering Enterprise Risk Management.